Fun Playday

Charm had an exciting day this past Saturday. We trailered over to Melissa’s house in Luxemburg. I was asked to give a lesson to Melissa and her QH Twister and Carol and her QH Badger and then we planned to go for a trail ride together. Melissa and Carol’s lessons went really well. It’s so neat to see them progress and achieve goals with their horses. I really love teaching too.. it’s so rewarding and I lean so much from teaching others. It was nice to have Charm there this time so I could demonstrate what the task should look like. Besides the parade she hasn’t been off the property since last fall! So she needs to get out anyway. After the lessons I played with Charm online in the arena.. she had a “spooky” problem with one of the corners, so we got past that. The we warmed up and rode around.. she was excellent and had a fabulous stop on her. I am pleased that we can go to a strange place and through prior and proper preparation she is connected to me and listens to my seat. Then the 3 of us ventured outside and rode around the countryside. It was about an hour ride. Charm did pretty good, except she kept calling to I am not sure who… I still had her on a loose rein at a walk. She walked really fast, but didn’t try to run away or anything. After it went on for a little bit, I tried to keep her busy.. I asked for collection so she had to focus, had her do sideways and did circles around the other horses. It helped. I just have to become a more confident rider outside.. Since Charm tends to trip so much when she is not paying attention.. I get so fearful that she is going to fall and land on me. So there is something I have to work on. The more I get her out, the better she’ll get at paying attention to what she is doing. After all.. what are the 4 responsibilities of a horse? Learn to act like a partner not a prey animal, Don’t change gaits, Don’t change directions… Look where you are going!!!


2 thoughts on “Fun Playday

  1. Thanks for sending me the link to your Blog. I have enjoyed reading through it, and have gone to your photo gallery too. Charm is absolutely your partner. I’m impressed with how much the two of you have learned, and with the communication that exists between you. I didn’t know you were teaching now. Well done, Heidi!
    ps. I was happy to see ‘Pink Sand’ in your photos!

  2. Thanks, I owe a lot to you for encouraging my love for horses and art! I didn’t know you had a blog.. I will plan to visit often!

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