Shanty Days Parade!

The parade was last Saturday. I got out to the barn around 9am and started scrubbing the DIRTY pony. I have no idea why I picked a 75% white horse! Sofie was there too.. she planned to ride Annie in the parade. Annie is naturally a very spooky horse and has NEVER gone in my trailer.. in fact, the last time she was trailered was several years ago.. and she has NEVER EVER ridden in a parade! But if Shirl had faith that she could do it.. we said ok! It took about 2 hours to get them both clean. While I was washing Charm, Sofie managed to load Annie into my trailer.. that was a relief.. at least there was some hope!

I decided to go patriotic with Charm this year. I braided some red, white and blue ribbons into her mane. Sofie braided her tail (hunter style) and she had blue ribbons hanging down. I also wrapped vet wrap around her cannon bones.. blue and red. Then I rode her in a red hackamore. She looked spiffy!

Finally we got all the tack loaded up.. and Charm jumped into the trailer.. Annie had a more difficult time.. but we got her in. We unloaded them in the parking lot and tacked them up. All was good. A couple friends I had ridden with were there and the waited for us and we rode to the other riders about 5 blocks away. Annie was really antsy until the parade started moving.. there was just so much going on and she was upset. Sofie just kept her moving and did a lot of circles. Once the parade started, Annie fell into sync and was great! This is Charm’s 5th parade so she did excellent.. she was walking really slow and her head was down for most of it. I was very happy and proud of her!

Sofie and Annie after the parade. Charm thought everything was very interesting as you can see. I would say a parade is a LBI's paradise!

Patriotic Pair! See she really is white under all of that dirt!

As we were loading them up at the end.. it started to rain. We eventually got the horses loaded and drove the 3 miles back to Shirley’s. When rounding the corner to the barn.. Annie got a little excited in the trailer and start to jump around. When we stopped and unloaded her, she was very wide eyed and had a cut on her fetlock. Nothing deep, but it was bleeding. She was ok.. I don’t think she liked the braking and turning, her fat belly was rubbing on the divider and wall of the trailer, she probably felt too claustrophobic. I am glad that happened while we were pulling into the driveway and not at the parade parking lot!! That was the only hick-up… not bad! So now Annie is an official Parade Pony.. Please congratulate her the next time you see her! Good job to Sofie for being the leader that Annie needed!


4 thoughts on “Shanty Days Parade!

  1. I saw you at the parade but was too shy to shout to get your attention. It was a really good parade, especially since Charm and Annie were in it šŸ™‚

  2. I wish I could have seen you and Charm. What fun! I miss the big Wisconsin parades :(. Our local parades last a few short minutes and involves very little candy.

  3. I wish you could have been there too. I saw Dan, Julie, Steve, Pam, Carrie and all the boys. Yeah,it was really funny.. Charm was freaked because there were two minis behind us pulling a cart. She would turn around and look at them like they were strange alien creatures! The minis were dressed in full harness. The 2 people they were pulling were throwing buckets of candy!

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