Dutch Attack!!

Fiona got to play with her friend Dutch over the weekend. On Friday night, Dutch joined us for a bonfire. He played with Fiona, chewed on sticks and got cuddled by EVERYONE! He is such a squeeze! Fiona and Dutch get along so well. They never get into squabbles and always play nice with each other. Dutch is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and he is 6 months old. Dutch came over again on Saturday evening and enjoyed playing with Fiona while his mom and I ate a yummy pizza. Fiona is really fast and Dutch is kinda clumsy. Fiona will zoom all around the yard and Dutch will leg behind and bark at her.. it’s really entertaining to watch. Hopefully he will get some speed one of these days…

Dutch and Fiona taking a short break.


4 thoughts on “Dutch Attack!!

  1. lol sounds like he’s going through the awkward puppy stage. All legs and no coordination, he’s a pretty big boy-so cute!

  2. Yes, he is big.. bigger then Fiona!! He is so cute and sweet. If we ever decide to get anohter dog, I would consider a King Charles. His personality mends so well with Fiona’s and they are so easygoing.

  3. I’m honored to have made the blog! Fiona is a great friend. I love spending time with her. I’m growing faster than my momma wants me to but I’m still a puppy at heart. I have the funky puppy waddle and have this strange addition to 2-ply toilet paper these days. I enjoy spending time with Auntie Heidi & Uncle Adam…they treat me as if I was one of their own–makes it so much easier on me when momma travels and can’t be home with me. Of course, I love anyone who rubs my belly. I even prefer cuddle time to food!

    Time to go for a walk! Fiona–when’s our next date?

  4. Dutch, you can come over and play anytime.. I love kicking your butt in the backyard! JK.. you’ll get faster one of these days. Next time you come over, I need to teach you a thing or two. Like how to find worms and then roll in them.. this is especially helpful after the humans wash us and we stink! The scent of the “fresh” worm just does something for me.
    Well, mom tells me I have to get off of the computer now.. something about
    “Fiona …… you …… go …….. ride?” Sounds good to me!

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