Ugh.. pass the coffee..

This last weekend was exhausting!

Charm looking at crazy person waving at her from the car.

Early on Saturday I made my way out to the barn to spend some time riding. Sofie met me there before she had to go to work. She rode Annie and we rode together out in the fields for a little while. It was just a BEAUTIFUL day! After she left I rode Charmer a little more in the arena with the Cradle Bridle. I decided to experiment a little and tried some stuff on the small rings after we warmed up. Wow, does she become ultra light in my hands. I didn’t ride for very long like this just because it’s sill very new for her. So we worked on transitions, lead changes and some leg yields. Then it was time to file her feet to keep them looking good. She tends to flare badly and gets “pancake feet” and toe long. So if I can keep up with filing every week.. her feet stay really nice. Then I hosed her down and she ran out to meet her friends, they were grazing out in the hills.

The Cedar Trace Herd. Eating back in the hills.

Then I zipped 15 miles north to my friends cottage on the bay. I spent the remainder of the afternoon, jet skiing, boating, swimming and eating. I worked on my tan too.. 😉

Sunday after Church my grandma had the whole family out for a wonderful brunch. My Aunt, Uncle and cousin were visiting from NY. Gram asked me to bring Fiona so all the dogs could play. I took the opportunity to take a picture of Fiona and Moonbeam sitting together. Aren’t they cute!!

Fiona and Moonbeam

I was glad that we brought Fiona out for the visit because now we have one tired pooch! She didn’t even get up with me this morning for her morning routine. She just stayed in bed. Last night she had her beauty treatment, I brushed her really good and clipped her nails. Doesn’t she look pretty in red? I am thinking of getting this collar for her. She has this one right now and it’s a little small for her. I am not at all a brand whore.. but after a few collars falling apart I decided to buy one that was really good quality. This collar has no signs of wear.. and it looks cute on a Westie! Besides, you can get them cheap off of eBay. 😉

PS… I will be riding Charm in the Shanty Days parade this Saturday in Algoma! It starts at noon. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Ugh.. pass the coffee..

  1. sounds like you had an eventful but very fun weekend! I hope I can make it to see you for Shanty Days but I have to work so it’s unlikely.
    I just wanna see how many of the horses I can name so here goes.
    1st Pic: Shautzee, Charm and Aunt Bee
    2nd Pic: Charm, Dusty or Willow, Java, Annie, I can never remember the black mares name Shirley bought from th acution and Chip.
    I don’t see Dolche though-camera shy ?

    lol nothing like a tired terrier, and I like the coach collar alot and think it would look very sharp on Fiona. – GO FOR IT!

  2. I think you’re pretty close…

    1st Pic: Aunt B, Ollie, Rosa and Dutch

    2nd Pic: Chip, B, Rosa, Ollie, Annie, Dutch, Banner, Java, Willow, Kiva, Dusty, Dolche (behind Dusty), Schatzi and Charmer

    Yeah, I will have to keep an eye on eBay and find a good deal on a collar. No rush.

    It would be neat to see you at Shanty Days! It’s a good time. 🙂

    Are you ready for your lesson this Friday?!

  3. I can’t go to the Ren Faire.. I had planned a riding day with a friend and we are still on for it. But maybe next year. You will have to tell my how it goes.. and I can’t wait to see your costume!

    Have fun tomorrow with Dolche! Make sure you ask plenty of questions too.. I hope you blog about it 🙂

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