Fun with the 45

I finally got my 45′ line last Thursday. It’s kinda waxy and sticky. I practiced in the back yard at my house over the weekend and threw it out and wound it up for a while. I got the hang of how to coil it correctly. It will be a thing to practice so my rope skills will be ever improving. Now it needs to be broken in…

I got out by Charmer for about 5 hours yesterday. We played with the 45′ for about 90 minutes. I really like it and I think she does too. It gives her more responsibility and doesn’t allow me to micro manage her as I tend to do. We got some fast sideways out in the field without a fence and she was running up and down the hills. She would often collect herself as she ran up the hill.. she looked very pretty.. I wish I could have that while riding.. maybe someday. It was really hot.. so we didn’t do a lot of fast stuff, she was sweating as it was. We played in the arena a little and then I decided to hose her down. She had rolled in the swamp and was covered in dirt. Then we went for a nice walk in the field and she got to eat some grass and clover. After she dried, she looked a nice snow white and was very soft. I love a clean pony!! I jumped up on her bareback with one rein and decided to work on focus and turning. It went really well. Lately we have been working on leg yields again and I found the secret LBI incentive — REST. So when she floats off of my focus and leg and comes to the wall, she gets to stop and rest. She figured that out really quickly and started to Leg Yield to the wall at any chance she got. So now I have to change it up so she doesn’t start to assume. It was fun because I was bareback and only had one rein, yet she performed Leg Yields for me nicely at the walk and trot. This is one thing that I have been excited to accomplish with her. It just feels so cool and I think we are ready to dive into it. Next up.. flying lead changes! (since the flying change is technically a lateral move, the leg yield stuff will help us) Then we took a long break. Since it was so hot and I foolishly forgot my water.. I got a headache and didn’t want to do much of anything for a while. Charm didn’t mind that at all. Linda had planned to come out and we were going to take a ride with her and Tink. We ended our day by riding around in the fields and by the road. I really have to get Charmer out more this year.. we have hardly done anything! We hopefully will be riding in the Shanty Days parade in 2 weeks! So we had a nice productive day even though I went home with a headache…


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