The “F” Word

You’re probably thinking something else.. but I am talking about Fiona’s brother, Frankie. We say “The F Word” to describe Frankie so Fiona won’t get excited. If she hears his name, she will run around the house looking for him.

Frankie stayed with us over the weekend while his parents were camping. Although Fiona and Frankie are siblings from the same litter, they are very different (and I know that Frankie’s parents would agree with me). When they are together, they turn into true terrors and all of the “cute sweetness” quickly disappears. So I made sure that they got plenty of walks and ran outside a lot. In some ways Frankie is a rather dominant dog, he likes to stand on you if he can (he also LOVES to tackle Fiona and stand over her) and he has the habit of marking everything when he goes outside. I kept telling him to just pee on the grass, but no, he had to roam the yard and mark everything…. INCLUDING MY LEG!!!!!!!!!

Now, lets back up.. when we were going for a walk a few months back, I noticed a large wet area on my leg. After playing detective and smelling the area, it was determined to be pee. Yes, while I was unaware, Frankie peed on my leg. By the time I noticed it was too late to do anything about it, but since that time, I am more aware of where Frankie is and what he is doing.

This time when he tried to peed on me, I addressed it without even thinking. I growled “no” and he found himself on his side and human standing over him. He stayed like that for about 5 minutes. I don’t think any pee got on my pants (good thing I wasn’t wearing shorts) and I hope that made an impression on him. Then, later that evening, he peed on Fiona. I remember meeting their father and he also tried to pee on Fiona, but Frankie is neutered and is still behaving this way. He is such a sweet dog and is usually really submissive and obedient so it’s interesting that he would be behaving in such a dominant way.


5 thoughts on “The “F” Word

  1. NOT THE “F” WORD!! lol
    That’s sad they didn’t take Frankie along 😦 Jazz loves camping!
    Ok so the peeing thing, I only have my own personal views but here is my perspective on the matter. (pretty much what you deduced)Frankie is being territorial, he’s saying these are my things!(including your leg, unfortunatley) Jazz on the other hand is more dominant and will mark EVERYWHERE when she is in a new place-Frankie could be doing that too or it could be that Jazz is territorial? Anyway Jazz is spayed but is still really focused on marking things. My sisters sheltie Gabrielle is not neutered but does the same thing Frankie does. Yes, he peed on my sister (she gave him an earfull-go her!) When he did that there were other dogs around so it was like he was saying (hey, she’s mine, get your own!) Were other dogs around when Frankie ‘marked’ you?

  2. On a completley unrelated canine topic -do you think Shirley would let me work with Dolce or watch her work with her? I keep thinking about her and I was thinking seeing more of what makes Dolce Dolce will either completley enamore or get me over my fixation.

  3. Frankie has to mark everything too.. he wasn’t always like this, but if you take him for a walk, he always wants to stop and mark. We don’t let him.. but he is focused on marking. He has also peed on his owners.. so it’s not just me. When he peed on me, we were in my back yard for a potty break and Fiona was just sniffing around about 20′ away. She does not mark at all.. just pees normal. He was neutered at 6mts and started lifting his leg a few months after that.. I think the marking has been going on the past year-ish maybe.

    Dolce huh? I am sure that Shirl would be thrilled if you played with her. I don’t know her that well.. I think she is a little aloof, but sweet 🙂 Shirl named her Dolce for a reason…

    I am pretty sure Shirl will be wanting to find a home for her eventually… 😉

  4. I really think the peeing thing can’t be neutered out of a dog just the “urge” thy get when a female comes along. It’s perfectly normal and just a quirck that makes Frankie, frankly Frankie (hehe sorry I had to) And your not in the boat alone-like I said, my sisters dog peed on her and he is her dog, you can tell he is obsessed with her and he just wants to let everyone know by marking her. I’m glad I have a girl!

    I was wondering about the name, Dolce 🙂 As of right now I’m pretty much in the “She’s such a pretty horse”mode and would like to know more about her. As to the home, it would be nice to think about..but I have a really looong way to go before I personally feel I can care properly for a horse

  5. That’s why I prefer female dogs. Always have, always will.

    I think it would be really cool if you got to know Dolce. She just turned 2, so it will probably be a while before she is ready for a forever home (when Shirl decides to sell her).

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