Still Thinking…

Sometimes I have such a hard time making a decision. It’s never easy, I always have to analyze every detail and tend to worry too much about all the different possible scenarios.

I had an interesting play time with Java last night. At first he was very playful, but obedient. I had him maintaining a canter online both ways without a fuss after I hadn’t played with him for 2 weeks. After I saddled him up and did some circles and he just kept putting his head down and wanted to buck and buck and buck. I tried to interrupt the pattern by snapping the line when he would put his head down..that would work, but, if I sent him out on the circle he would just start bucking and I could hardly control him. This happened last time I rode him, but we worked through it. This time it was worse and I probably had a bewildered look on my face. I have not had a lot of practice in dealing with this type of horse. Charm throws a couple exuberant bucks in there once in a while just for fun, but not as a bad pattern. I am thrilled that this situation has come up, because I am leaning how to work through it. Shirley was there and probably sensed my confusion so she took over. When Java started to buck, she just ran at him and backed him SUPER fast, they flew across the arena. Then he got loose and he started to really buck.. these weren’t LB snotty bucks like before.. this was a LBE going RBE crazy, psycho bucks! All I was thinking was… “please don’t wreak my saddle, please don’t wreak my saddle…” Java screamed around the arena and I blocked the arena door.. he headed straight for the far door that was closed.. but he was running at it like it was open and he was going right through it! Finally his brain clicked in and he crouched down and slid about 15′ and stopped just in time. My heart was pounding.. I wasn’t scared.. I just didn’t want to see a wreak! Thank God he was fine.. he scraped his nose a little, but was ok. I eventually took him back and he was a totally different horse than before. I had him circling and all of the snottyness was gone. Despite what just happened, I decided to get on and ride him for a little bit so we could end on a good note. We mostly walked and I got a nice trot around the arena a few times. ** I was not afraid to get on! ** I am not sure what is causing Java to buck.. but I hope it doesn’t become a habit. Sometimes it seems that a horse is going so well and then out of nowhere, these crazy antics come up. Java is a wonderful horse, he just needs more time on a consistent basis. I am not sure I can give him the consistancy he needs. Just being real about it, I am only getting out to the barn 1 or 2 times a week right now (gas prices are a bummer) and in these leaning stages, he needs a lot more time than that. I also do not have the cash to pay for additional training if I were to purchase him. When Charm was at that stage in her “training” I was out there 3 or 4 times a week and was very consistent with her. Now I have a full-time job and a house to take care of.

Then I keep going back to the fact that I had planned to put off getting a horse and in place wanted to buy a new saddle. I recently viewed the new Parelli saddling DVD and realized that I was saddling with my airpad the “old-school” way. Since I have saddled the “new” way and I hope the airpad is doing what it is designed to do because I know my saddle is built to fit her while she is at rest and not while she is moving. Now that I am ready to start asking her for more refined maneuvers I am sad to think that Charm may be uncomfortable or in pain because she can’t move. So I am still thinking about all of this. I have had so many good rides on Charm lately and I can’t imagine how much better our rides would be if she were in a comfy saddle…


4 thoughts on “Still Thinking…

  1. I think everyone thinks like this over such a big commitment. Buying a horse is not like buying groceries or anything. It’s a huge commitment and it deserves as much consideration.
    The ‘unpredictable’ tendancy of horses is part of what always scared me (although I am feeling WAY more confident about being around them thanks to the lessons with Shirley) I wonder what made Java do that? Maybe he wasn’t ready to give up his union card yet or maybe the saddle was pinching? If you figure it out I would love to know~sounds really interesting!

  2. Yeah, I have pretty much decided against buying Java. If I had the time and extra money to ensure his training was done right, I would do it. But I do not have the time, nor the cash to make it happen. I know I can’t commit 100% to him at this time and I wouldn’t want to make a selfish decision. Besides, I have Charm!

    I am not sure what went on in his little head to make him buck. I am pretty sure it wasn’t the saddle.. we had rode in it several times before without any issues and I was using the air pad and it was not cinched tightly yet. He wasn’t bucking crazy at first.. they stared out as defiant “punk” bucks and then when Shirl got after him he went RB.

  3. Realistically that sounds like a good plan, although it would have been nice if it had worked. And like you said, you have Charm and you can now devote your time to working on those higher levels you’ve been talking about!
    If it makes it any easier I have often gone through the ‘I want another dog’ phase. Not that I don’t love Jazz it just seemed so attractive to get another dog at the time. I have talked myself out of it several times(alot of reality checks) and I am glad it’s me and my pup yet. At this point in my life I don’t really want another dog for myself personally till Jazz is like 13 yrs. old. That may change but right now I feel it would be unfair to Jazz or the other dog I got. Jazz if my little furry soulmate and it feels sorta like a betrayal. Besides we have alot of stuff to teach eachother yet!!

  4. Yeah, I can totally relate. I also go through that “I want another dog!” phase too.. but it’s so much work and again, I am not home enough right now to take care and train a puppy. Besides, Fiona is to the point where so doesn’t mess in the house at all anymore and she is trustworthy.

    I will still play with other horses and just learn from them.. I plan to still play with Java while he is here too. πŸ™‚

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