Mmm… Coffee.

We had group lessons today. Charm was being used as a lesson horse (haha!) so I just ended up riding Java for most of the morning. We had our regular play session and some minor discussions and I saddled him up and got on. I’m telling ya.. wow. He has the nicest trot! I really got him moving today and could really feel him. He’s got some nice shock absorbers and a very forward moving, springey trot. If Charm is doing her fast trot, it feels like you are riding a jackhammer. I even got him stopping off of my body energy. On the impulsion scale, today I would have rated him sometimes a 4 and sometimes a 6.. so maybe he would average as a 5. Cool!! I felt so safe and comfortable riding him today and I was so happy. I was tempted to take him outside, but I didn’t want to get ahead of myself (I am not sure when he was even ridden outside last). We also just sat around a lot and watched the lessons. It was nice because he behaved and stood still and didn’t screw off at all. Good little LBE!

Ok.. I had to do this.. I happened to have a vente Starbucks coffee along and thought it was fitting to get a picture of me drinking Java while riding Java!!

So I ended up riding him for about a hour and a half total. Then I hopped on Charm and rode her around a little. Since she was just used for 2 lessons, I didn’t do much. I did end up riding her bareback – walk, trot, canter with just one rein.. we haven’t done that in a long time. I think it will be something to practice more often. She did super and mostly followed my body focus and suggestion, I only had to flip the rope over 2 times. Since she has gained so much weight.. um, muscle.. it’s so much easier to stay on bareback. It’s like I grew Velcro on my butt. She really is a great horse, I don’t give her enough credit. So in all, a very positive day! Definitely a day where you can say we were riding for tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Mmm… Coffee.

  1. haha Java on Java, very funny šŸ™‚ since having that iced coffee at your place I have gone out and bought one iced coffee and a really good iced latte, yumm. I am being converted to coffee ^^

  2. WooHoo!! Isn’t coffee good?! I love the iced lattes.. I have to limit myself to one per week otherwise things just might get out of hand! I don’t remember Java’s registered name but its something like Java Mocha ____ ?

  3. Actually I think Java Mocha Latte IS his registered name.. it sounds right! I will have to ask his real owner…

  4. Umm.. I think that Shirley’s round pen is a 60′. I think that 50′ or 60′ foot is probably standard. You want it big enough so the horse has freedom to move yet small enough that you can work with them effectively. But I think that something is better than nothing.. and ponies are smaller so a smaller pen may work great.

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