Crazy Westie!

It’s pretty easy for little white dogs to get dirty, especially if they enjoy rolling in dead worms. It’s not good to bathe a Westie too often.. they tend to have dry skin and bathing them too frequently gives them dryer skin which leads to skin problems. So.. most of the time a good brushing out will do or just washing the legs. But when she is so dirty that I don’t feel I want her sleeping in my bed.. it’s time for the dreaded bath. I believe the bath is a complete and utter embarrassment to dogs. Especially if you are a terrier and normally look cute and somewhat fluffy. Then once you start smelling “good” the human decides to torture you and throw you in a tub and spray water in your face!!

Look at this picture, could she look any more pathetic? She would be so mad at me if she knew that I was showing you this picture. What do you think she is trying to tell me here? Look at those ears!! She looks like a fruit bat! In reality she really doesn’t mind the bath too much. She doesn’t cry or scramble to get out of the tub. The only thing I know she doesn’t like is getting her face washed. All the fun starts after the bath… all the dogs I have known have done this and I am not sure why. Watch the video below to witness the “Crazy Westie!”


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