The Cute Face

I got to ride Java last night!!!! *grin* This is the first time since my accident that I have not been hesitant about riding another horse. He is only the 3rd horse (besides Charm) that I have ridden in the past 3 years since my accident. Even though he is green, I was not scared at all.. I was excited! It feels good getting over the fear thing.. even if it’s just tiny steps. I played with him for about 45 minutes and then had the urge to get on. Shirley was there and I asked her if she thought it would be a good idea.. she said “go for it!” I put the bare back pad on him and got on. His walk is very fluid compared to Charm’s. He backs with ease.. hardly any pressure and he is backing with a lot of effort. Charm hates backing so it always feels like she is walking through a foot of mud when I ask her to back up. I rode him for about 30 minutes and even asked him for a trot half way around the arena.. it was very nice and easy to sit. I took a cute picture of him.. he is not so dorky looking here.. what a goof!!! I hope to ride him again on Saturday.


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