I have been studying equine conformation lately. I find it very interesting and see horses a whole different way. Charm is doesn’t have the best conformation, but she is still a great horse! I took some pictures last night and thought they would be fun to post and compare. I got a really good picture of Charm.. she actually looks halfway decent and is not slouching. Fist we can start with some past shots of her… they are not the best.. but will give you something to compare to.

This is Charm last Summer (8/07)… notice her glaring at another horse that got too close. She is not standing on even ground here.. a little up hill.

Here is Charm this past December (07) … super harry and bad posture.

And this was last night… she actually looks pretty good.

In the latest picture she is kinda chubby and has a hay-belly (she likes food), but it’s actually a really good shot. I noticed that her neck has filled out a lot and that she doesn’t have the dip in front of her withers (compare to the first pic). I hope that dip was filled with muscle and not fat, lol! I like to think that her top line has improved, but it’s hard to tell since she is not standing square in the other pictures. She needs some more muscle around her withers.. but overall.. not bad!! After riding her bareback last night, I noticed that her back has filled out a lot and that she feels more solid.

Here is a conformation shot of Java just for kicks…

Please comment if you feel the need to critique the ponies!


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