A Very Nice Monday Evening…

Yesterday I got out to the barn after work. I got Charm and Java out of the pasture and brought them into the arena. I played with Java first. His circling game is really bad to the right. He gets really over reactive when I ask for the canter. To the left he isn’t happy, but will canter willingly with just a couple tail swishes. I was using the 12′ line and then decided maybe he would be more comfortable on the 22′. That way he can stretch out more with his longer stride. It was a little better.. but still needs some work. I wish I could get out there more consistently and work through these things. I think he will be a pro at close range circling.. he was doing it quite well and I dropped the line and he just kept on going. He is so sensitive.. very good going backward and sideways and seems really athletic. Moving is easy for him.. I like that. I played with him for about an hour and then put the bareback pad on him. He was great.. I did a Level 2 saddling with him! Then I tied him up and played with Charmer. I was practicing the long phase 1 and quick to Phase 4. She really gets snappy when I do this. I also finally figured out how to get her backing more willingly. I ask with the finger and if she isn’t gone the string flicks her chest. Well.. she got the hang of that right away and couldn’t take her eyes off of me. Pretty cool. I also played with the sideways stuff that Linda featured in the past Savvy Club DVD. That horse that she worked with was Charm’s Horsenality twin.. and it worked like a “Charm”.. (I know, I’m a dork). She was like.. “What would you like me to do with these barrels? Shall I jump them? (jumps them 2 or 3 times) Should I side pass them? (cruises over them) Should I jump them half way and then side pass the rest of the way?” It was neat seeing my horse with so much try. I think I am starting to crack the LBI code. Hmmmmm…. Then I took the pad off of Java and put it on Charm and hopped up. I ponied Java all over the arena and he did really well. This is a good thing for Charm too for at least 2 reasons. 1) She has to tolerate another horse close to her. She is such a turd and gets the mare attitude when horses come close to her.. she will bite and kick at them while I am riding her! Sassy Girl!!! and 2) I think she sees a purpose and a reason to what we were doing and I think that is satisfying for her. It was really fun. I would stop Charm and back her and Java would back with us and then off we went again. The best part was at the end. Well, I have discovered that Java likes to cuddle. I was sitting on Charm and Java would rest his head on my leg while I pet his cute head. Then I took his head and put it over my lap and he just rested it there with his eyes half closed. It was a very nice ending to the evening. When I let Charm and Java out to the pasture.. Java didn’t want to go.. he tried to back in the gate and stuck his head over and looked at me. After I put the tack away.. I looked out and Charm and Java were in the pasture together eating while all the other horses were down by the swamp.. maybe they bonded, because they usually don’t hang out together.


2 thoughts on “A Very Nice Monday Evening…

  1. I read the blog on Charm and I have to say it really was nice to know you have problems with her-don’t get me wrong I don’t think problems are good although they do teach one alot- it was just nice to hear someone I know having a problem and working through it it really makes me hopefull for working through the oodles of problems with my pony.
    I then read up on Java and it sounds like you are really bonding to him, and Charm seems to like him, that HAS to be a good sign- Maybe God has something in store for you and will make it work out with the money and everything.
    I may be reading my ponies horsenality wrong but she seems alot like Java only an untrained mare version, imagine what fun she can be!

  2. I wish I could take you back in time to 2004 so you could see Charm and I when we were first starting out. Now, she has always been an “easy” horse.. not too dominant or pushy. But she has a mean stubborn streak that I come across now and then so sometimes we have to work through that. She just doesn’t give in!

    I hope that something can work out with Java.. I really adore him. I have decided to leave it in God’s hands.. I have enjoyed playing with him and learning from him (he has taught me a lot!) and I am happy for that. : )

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