Above is Java’s chart according to the 3 times I have played with him online. I have not ridden him yet.. but I plan to. My friend Nicole breeds appaloosas for show and is trying to find a home for Java. He is turning 4 this year and has really grown to be a really nice horse. He has a lovely trot and is more of the hunter type style. He is a Left Brain Extrovert and is very friendly. He is the first to meet you in the pasture. I became interested in him over the past few weeks and thought he would be a fun challenge for me while he is still at Shirley’s place. I phoned Nicole and asked her if she would mind if I played with him and she agreed. So far, I find him fascinating. He has a lot of personality and flare and has the appy-tude. He is a confident horse and also very sensitive so I have had to adjust to accommodate him. I like to think of buying him but financially it just wouldn’t work right now but he would be the type of horse I would like to buy. So for now I hope to learn from him and have fun!


6 thoughts on “Java

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  2. Hey is that Fiona in the Banner? Looking adorable and up to some mischief. lol.
    I would love to see you work with Java sometime -I think it may really help me understand my pony better.

  3. Yes that is Fiona.. she was laying on the floor in the bedroom in the morning sun. She was so relaxed and cute looking that I had to get a picture of her. I think she looks cool purple too. For some bizarre reason, Adam wants to dye her Pink.. I don’t think so!!!

    Yeah, I love working with Java. He is a lot of fun and so different from Charm. If I would have worked with him a year or 2 ago, I am pretty sure that I would have been fusterated , but I don’t feel like that at all now. The key is to be quicker than him… sometimes he is quicker than me and gets away.. but I am catching on and we are working together. He learns so fast too..

    You can come and watch us anytime!! He is a hoot!

  4. haha We dyed a couple dogs pink for valentines day at work-not the best look for them but still fun! If you ever want company let me know and hopefully I can come up to the barn.

  5. I am planning to be out there for the lessons tomorrow until about 1pm.. then I am not sure when I will be back. Possibly next Saturday and maybe sometime during the week next week. Some family from out of town is coming for 2 weeks, so we will be busy. But I will for sure give you a call!

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