Busy Times

The past 2 weeks have been ultra busy and the next 2 or 3 are looking the same way! Last weekend Adam and I and our friends Ellen and Travis went up to Mackinaw Island for 2 nights and had a wonderful time. We had great weather and did a lot of biking. I had forgotten how much I enjoy biking. I could have gone all day! Then last Wednesday I got a surprise visit from Fran and her friend Jess. We enjoyed the afternoon out at the barn playing with horses. Fran got to play and ride Charm. It was really fun to watch.. Fran made her look really good. I really need to give Charm more credit, she really is a great horse. This past Saturday we had a group lesson with Shirley. I ended up playing with my friend Nicole’s horse Java for the lesson. He is an appaloosa and has the “appy-tude.” Although not as much as I thought he would.. more about him later. Fiona is doing really good with her new fence. She is having fun playing with the neighbor kids and running around. That’s all for now….


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