I have finally found a correction that works…

the Invisible Fence. We had one installed 1 week ago for Fiona. Little Fiona accidentally received a correction when the fence was first installed (I was not present at the time, so she does not associate the correction with me).. she was frightened.. but in true Cesar Millan fashion I took her back to the scary place in the yard and walked deliberately around the area until she stopped squirming. Then we went for a long walk with Frankie (her brother) and returned to the spot in the yard with no hesitation on her part. Since then, the fence has been set to just beep when she is close to the line, no shock. She is obeying it beautifully. At first she hesitated a few times to go outside but over the weekend she was having a blast playing with the neighbor kids and dogs. I am leaving a 20′ line on her so I can correct her if she is not listening to the beep, but that has only happened 2 or 3 times. This morning we turned the collar to warning beep and then a correction (shock). Now that she knows what the warning beep means and respects it, the likely hood of getting shocked is a lot less. She would have to deliberately ignore the warning beep to recieve a shock. I am hoping to use the neighbors as test subjects for her and I am hoping that the stupid Jack Russel that randomly roams the neighborhood will come along and we will have a true test. She HATES that dog.


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