New Friends

Adam, Fiona and I went for a nice drive this past Wednesday. My good friend Sofie and her soon to be husband just bought a house and we were excited to see it. The house is beautiful! Sofie also had along her poodle Louie and her Rat Terrier Cash. So Fiona had fun making some new friends. As you can see they shook hands the doggie way. Cash is just a couple months old and Fiona is only the 2nd dog that he has ever met.. so he didn’t know what to think of her. He barked, growled and Fiona chased him around, she thought it was great! Louie, well, he was in love with Fiona and she had to keep correcting him with a quick snap.. she was just letting him know what was acceptable and what wasn’t. Fiona led the charge and they ran around the house for a while and explored the rooms. Fiona settled down quickly and laid down and just relaxed. It seemed like she liked the company of her new friends. I am glad that she does not act aggressive toward other dogs (unless they challenge her and then her Terrier comes out). She mostly just wants to play and have fun!

Then we drove over to the barn to visit Charm. The barn is one of Fiona’s favorite places. Once we pull into the driveway, she starts to go crazy. I like to take her for long walks around the fields and into the woods. The is on a 20′ leash so she is free to roam around and sniff things with the occasional rolling in poop. Adam took her for a little walk while I went to get Charmer from the field. I think she was happy to see me, she came in willingly and seemed eager. When I entered the arena to my surprise, the new ponies, Chip and Aunt Bee, had riders on them. They both had bare back pads on and were having their first ride since arriving to the farm and they were doing super!

Don’t they look happy!? I had to laugh at Chip, he looks so parked out like he hasn’t had weight on his back for a long time. He will get back in shape soon. Then I brushed Charmer and then Adam, Fiona, Charm and I all went for a walk down the lane. When we returned, I jumped on Charm bareback and played around with lateral movements with just the rope halter. She is getting so sensitive! I was playing with Haunches-In and leg yields and I think I got it for a few steps here and there. But wow.. she just floats off of my focus and leg pressure. I have a lesson tomorrow and I hope to practice this kind of stuff with Shirley. It sure makes Charm think in so many different ways and that is want she needs so she doesn’t zone out on me.

Adam and I left the barn around 7:30 and little Fiona was very tired. She tried to crawl down by my feet and got she just sat like this for a little while. Silly Westie. I will be at the barn tomorrow for the Horsin’ Around group lessons. We are suppose to have a beautiful day, I am hoping to get some sun. I will post an update about what happens in my lesson. Hopefully Shirley can help us refine some of our ideas…


2 thoughts on “New Friends

  1. hahahahahah!!!! I love that picture of Fiona geting stuck soo funny and so Fiona! That was so good for Cash to meet a new dog and learn more about dog etiquette and language- they look like soo much fun and perfect for Fiona to play with!!
    I am so with you on the gelding thing I really am intimidated with having a mare as I know they are moody and as the saying goes-you can tell a gelding, ask a mare, but you have to have a conversation with a stallion.(something like that) I am all for telling!!

  2. At my last lesson at Shirley’s I was really surprised with how easy Chip was to work with especially since they hadn’t been worked with till they came to Shirley’s. Shirley did have to step in a bit but Chip was so responsive a respectfull of my timid nature-they really are awesome ponies!!

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