Ponies! and other things…

On Saturday after taking Fiona roller blading I decided to spend some quality time at the barn. I arrived around 9:30am and started with brushing Charm and making her pretty. One interesting thing was Shirley was given 2 new ponies, Chip and Brown Sugar (her name sucked so she is now known as Aunt Bee). Well, they are not really new, she had owned them several years ago and sold them to a family whose child was taking lessons on Chip. The child has since lost interest in the ponies so they have been sitting for the past few years. When I got to the barn, Randy was trimming Aunt Bee and both ponies were a mess. Their manes were matted, they hadn’t been brushed, they looked really dirty and their hooves needed a trim BADLY.

Chip is a Barbie pony.. he is SOOOOO cute. He is a Palomino and has the cutest little head, tiny ears, feathers, LONG white mane, tail and forelock. He would look great with pink bows in his hair. He is a chunk right now.. so he needs to loose some weight. Chip is rather sassy and looks a lot like this picture except he is fat and real.

Aunt Bee is an elderly pony and Shirley especially wants to make sure the last years of her life she is happy and pampered. She is a chestnut color (I think) with a very unique silver mane. She is very sweet and will be great for kids.

By the time we were done cleaning them up, they looked totally different. You could tell they loved the attention too. Once they both shed out completely they will be so beautiful. I know the kids are going to love them and they will get plenty of deserved attention.

In between pampering the ponies, I played with Charm and saddled her up. We had a nice ride in the arena (wet and yucky outside), worked on transitions, leg yields and did some bridleless riding. I haven’t ridden bridleless for a long time and we need some practice. For some reason I would loose my steering at the trot.. but I still had my brakes at the trot and canter so that’s good. I can’t expect her to be perfect after not riding bridleless for so long, something to play with I guess. Otherwise she rode great and lately she has had a lot more GO than normal. On the impulsion scale I would probably rate her a 6 for the last session (typically we start around a 2 or 3). I am hoping to take a lesson with Shirley on Saturday. I haven’t had a lesson since taping my level 2 last October!

I finished the afternoon by filing Charm’s hooves a little and cleaning up the frog and bars. She always flares and grows pancake feet quickly if I don’t keep up with hoof care. Now she looks good and each hoof is around 3.125″.

I left the barn around 4pm and returned home about 4:30 to start watching the derby. I had picked Big Brown to win and he did, but was really rooting for Eight Belles as she took a strong second place. Then as everyone knows, tragedy stuck and after crossing the finish line, Eight Belles broke both of her front ankles and had to be immediately euthanized. I was and still am speechless.


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