New Adventures…

Well, I have been having a blast riding Charm lately. It’s not work.. it’s fun! Until now I haven’t experienced the feeling of unity with a horse (I know I am not experiencing “true unity” but what I am feeling sure feels good!). She has become very light and willing. I like to think back to the old days when we couldn’t trot past the door without her dashing sideways trying to get out! Now that’s a distant memory although I am reminded of it while watching other riders and I know if someone else were riding her, she would try it. Silly Charm, always testing. I had a great ride on Tuesday after work. Lately I have been wanting to play with leg yields because I think we are finally ready and they look like so much fun. I have tried LYs in the past without much luck.. I could get it halfway at the walk.. but the trot was rushed, rigid and probably confusing for Charm. I have been using my new cradle bridle and I am feeling that “hovercraft” effect and it finally feels that we are working together. Well, to make a long story short, it worked. We are beginning the process of leg yielding at the trot. I am playing with following the rail, taking her off of the rail and then yielding her back onto the rail. So we are not trotting across the whole arena yet, but she is moving off of my leg and is tracking in the back and it feels like floating. Yay!!

This week I also attended some agility classes and watched my friend Amelia work with her dog Jazz and her sister’s dog. On Monday I saw the beginner class and last night I saw an excellent class. I am planning to enroll Fiona in Agility this summer. I have no doubt is will be good for us on so many different levels.

I have a feeling that this summer is going to be REALLY busy!


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